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Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Early Christmas to ME!!

It's true: good things come to those who are patient...including a Nikon D7000!!!!

Yep, I'm so excited! Last week I finally got a new camera!!

It's been on my wish list for YEARS now, and when I entered (and then placed) in the Photography Contest back in mid October, it was agreed that I would be getting a new camera this year. It's sort of an "I love you/early Christmas present". Thank you honey!

I never let myself look at nice DSLR's until recently, but we knew we wanted to get the D7000 when we saw it. Once I knew what camera I wanted, of course the BX didn't have it yet. (It was only just released late September) Then we found out the Nikon Roadshow was coming to our base, and we were told it would be there. Sadly to say, even the Roadshow didn't have the camera. It was "too new"?! We checked German electronic stores and couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, we gave up and ordered it online. The wait was horrible! But, finally I have it in my happy hands!

An expensive camera doesn't make a good photographer. I think people know that. I'm happy to be taking the skills I learned from my old slr camera and my always trusty point and shoot camera, and applying them to my new dslr camera. I feel like I've come so far from when I got my first Nikon almost 10 years ago, to now having this "dream camera". 

Why Nikon? I have both a Nikon and a Canon and I love them both. The Nikon I have is a Nikon FM10. I already have 2 Nikon lenses that I used with that camera, so choosing another Nikon made sense in that aspect. Of course I have my eye on a couple new accessories for this new baby, but for right now, I'm going to be getting used to this new camera and trying to perfect my skills. It's taking some getting used to, but so far, I'm loving it!!

You'll probably be seeing lots more photography posts on my blog in the weeks to come!!

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  1. CONGRATS! And enjoy that! :) Can't wait to see the lovely images you post!

  2. Congrats! I've been needing a new camera, but I decided to stick it out until my birthday in April. I can't wait to see all the photography this little present brings to your blog!