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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Faves {Linky Love}

Here are a few of my recent online favorite finds!

I'm aching for Spring just from looking at these colorful dresses by Yellow Songbird. 
See more designs here, and find out about how to get your own pretty dress on her blog.

If you like cute things, you'll probably flip out over this teeny tiny crocheted snail!
It was crocheted with a minitarue hook and sewing thread!
I found it here

 I wish I could get a couch full of pillows from Iviemade.
I would at least settle for these two. I want some new fun colors in our living room and these would do the trick! And she has the cutest blog called E Tells Tales. Her sweet and funny pregnancy posts are giving me baby fever like you wouldn't believe!

In case you are looking for something pretty to wear around your neck, I think these handmade necklaces from Lisa Leonard Designs are sweet! This camera necklace is one of my favorites from her shop.
through my lens necklace 
I found this recipe for some hair therapy for these dry winter months. I tried it but please make sure you don't do what I do, wait for your avocado to be really rip so it's super soft otherwise your hair mask will be lumpy and that's no fun trying to get out of your hair.
 So there you have it. Some of my favorite online finds this week.
Do you have any recent favorites you would like to share?? 


P.S. Handmade and crafty people, read my next post to find out about how your art can have a heart. Let's make this month of LOVE really mean something to those in need! I would love for you to join!

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  1. I love those dresses, so pretty! That necklace my be on my next wishlist as well! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. LOVE LOVE that pillow :) & the necklace is killer :)

  3. I love that I'm spreading baby fever to all my readers.

    Thanks for blogging iviemade!

  4. Oh, to be young enough to wear such delightful dresses! They are eye candy, that's for sure.

  5. Ooo, I love those dresses! And that snail is too cute :D

    Thanks for sharing!