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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can We Keep Him?!?

Look what we found!?

A cat came wondering into our backyard one day. He was called over (you know a cat with curiosity and all) by the laughter and giggles of our 2 year old. 

I'm just assuming he's a boy. He looks like a boy to me. "He" might very well be a lovely lady.

Awww look how "he's" scrunching his little face into the fence between our neighbors yard and ours?! I think he must belong to them. Three out of the four times we've seen him, he's come from their yard.

Ariana loved it when the second time we saw him, he came up to our glass door. She watched him for a few seconds, and then proceeded to try to open the door and let him in!

I kind of have a thing for stray animals, especially cats. All three of my cats were strays. One (Ely) even jumped in our window when we were living in England. I hope we don't have repeat of that here in Germany. I think Ariana got my animal loving gene. I get the feeling we'll be rescuing lots of creatures during her childhood!

"He's" cute, but it wasn't so cute when he was out howling at another cat at 2 am FOR AN HOUR the other night. Yea, not so cute anymore.


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  1. Oh how adorable! I love cats, and I think I'm a lot like you when it comes to rescuing them. It's a dangerous thing to let me wander around a humane society!

    I just realized that you're in Germany right now. I was born there!

  2. Aw bless!!! Such an adorable cat! My boyfriend and I got followed home by a cat once - ran straight through his legs and into the house D:

    Thankfully it's not a stray (although I was literally losing sleep at night worrying about it!) - I saw it gazing pleadingly out a window while being brushed by a little old lady :B

    Totally going to adopt strays when I'm in a place that allows pets :(

  3. I think you may be right about the cat being a male, what with the howling. Definitely not a cute sound!

  4. A very pretty cat. He seems too well groomed to be a stray though.