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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (8)

Another Sunday Scavenger Hunt. Not sure how I feel about this week's photos, but here they are anyways.

Sorry, this one is from the archives from our trip to Prague a few months ago. I just didn't get any good architecture photos this week.

Rimmed with Light:
Not sure if this is exactly what rimmed with light is. But I don't have any pets and this was at sunset. The light was rimming the edges of the spider web and the side of the clothespin. I have more "rimmed with light" photos I discovered in my archives and from this week I may share later on in a separate post.
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Toes or Feet:
Well this wasn't my favorite but I don't think feet are pretty, except for baby feet. I could NOT get the shot I had in my head to work out and then I ran out of time so this is what you get.
First flip flops of the season on my feet!

This is my Favorite:
 This is my favorite coffee cup. It's hand painted and I bought it when we were living in England. It's so cheerful and bright and I love the way the lip curls just a tad at the top and the way the handle fits just perfectly. First time attempting to capture steam by the way.

This photo was an accident. Ariana was playing outside and took her sunglasses off. Without thinking I snapped this photo.

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  1. You say you aren't sure about your photos this time, but I think they are fantastic as always! :) I really love the "Rimmed with Light" shot, and I'd love to see others you might have. I always get excited when the light is coming in at just the right angle to give that look. As always, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Very nice. It is great to see everyones interpretations. Prague looks wonderful.

  3. spider webs are amazing..i think you nailed it! and your others hots are great too =0)

  4. I'm here for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Your Rimmed With Light photo is amazing! I also really love the colors on Toes or Feet. Great work!

  5. I love the web shot. Such beautiful light. The accidental shot of the shades is great too!

  6. Love all of your shots this week! Can't pick a favorite...great job!

  7. Love them all! Each one was better than the next. I have a very similar shot from Prague!

  8. Well I love all your photos this week. That spider web is amazing!

  9. Your shots are wonderful.. I can't even pick a favorite.. Hope you are having a happy day!!

  10. They are all great! I know what you mean about feet shots. I'm nervous to post mine, but I guess it's because I have a feet phobia about others feet. I liked you shot though. I love the details in your sandals!
    And the spider web shot is so cool! I love that the spider used the clothes pin!
    And I would so frame that coffee photo and put it in my kitchen! I have a coffee themed kitchen! The steam is perfect!

  11. I really love your rimmed with light shot - I'm fascinated with spider webs (although I rarely see them) and this one is great!

  12. Cat, these are really fantastic shots. You did a beautiful job.

  13. Great coffee shot, I love fun colored mugs. And rimmed with light is gorgeous.

  14. Fantastic rimmed with light shot! I hope you put it in my Flickr pool, because I'd love to share it on my blog. Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

  15. My favorite is *your favorite*!! So colorful..& I love the steam coming out :D

  16. I agree with you on feet. I don't think feet are attractive in any way! :)