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Friday, October 1, 2010

Plan a STAYCATION!!! {tips and advice}

Just for fun, I thought I would post some tips on how to have your very own STAYCATION!!

We had a staycation last September!
Our theme: Oktoberfest in Germany! 

(Not knowing we would actually be here in Germany a year later!)
FYI: Oktoberfest starts in late September and runs until the first weekend of October.

First off, some of you might be wondering "What the heck is a staycation?"

Well, I googled it and the answer that wikipedia gave me was "a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions." To me that sounds pretty lame, cause we take day trips or go to festivals all the time and don't consider that a "staycation".  For our staycation we did something a little more special. 

***My tips for a good staycation***

1. Create the environment (decorations and music)

I found a fun tablecloth from a party store that was Oktoberfest colors and pattern.
I also scored some fun Oktoberfest music from Borders bookstore.

Choose music and things to decorate with that match your theme. If you are doing a Vegas theme, create a "Welcome to Vegas" sign and hang some lights. If you are "going" to Hawaii, buy some pretty flowers, shells, or coconuts to put on the tables and invest in some Hawaiian music. You don't have to spend much, but setting the tone will make the staycation that much more fun!

2. Food and Drink 
Research things that are popular in your staycation destination. Make escargot for Paris, have a wine tasting from Italy, or have Escovitch lobster and boiled bananas and suddenly you're in Jamacia!

I bought German beer and some giant Auntie Anne's pretzels and made a traditional German meal (Schnitzel, Spatetzle, and cabbage).

3. Accessorize!
It's the little things!

We had costumes, hats, necklaces and a picture of our friends to compete the staycation experience!

If you are doing a spa theme, get big fluffy white towels for everyone to wear. For Vegas be sure to have lots of cards and chips for gambling. Print off pictures of scenery to hang on the walls. Get grass skirts, big flowery shirts or leis for everyone to wear in "Hawaii"!

4. Have fun with it!!
Be silly! Print up pretend plane tickets, make up a song, learn to say hello in the language of the country you are "visiting"!

Our staycation to Oktoberfest started when Ariana was awake but she went to bed and then the real fun happened!

Get silly with it, and get creative! For a little bit of money, you can have a LOT of fun! You can go anywhere in the world your heart chooses!

If you are planning a staycation, or have had one before I would love to hear about it!


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  1. I love this idea... So So So cool! You did a really good job creating the German atmosphere. Cool that you are now IN GERMANY! I think I may have to organize a staycation sometime soon. Great POST!

  2. so cute! you look adorable in your dirndl :)

  3. this is soooooooooooooo wonderful!!! You are amazing, I have to try this idea out.. hmmm where do I wanna go, so fun!! Great post and wonderful idea!