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Saturday, February 5, 2011

2 Balloons and 80 Grannys!

I think someone knew it was my half birthday today!
These balloons are caught in the tree across the street from my house.
The pink one has already popped since I snapped this picture. Oh well, they were a cheerful "little thing" that made me smile!

Oh yea, and remember that granny square blanket that I started back at the end of the summer. Well with moving, unpacking, exploring, birthdays, family visiting, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I just now realized that I finished up all 80 squares for it. I laid them all out today to count them and HOORAY, I'm done making squares! Now all I need to do is sew in all the loose ends and crochet them together. Shouldn't take long right? I mean 80 granny squares only took me 6 months.

Ok, who cares how long it took me?! It's my project for me, and I've enjoyed doing it. The best is crocheting in the car while your husband drives! I plan on watching my old seasons of Friends while I finish up this blanket. No deadline, just doing it at my own pace!

And just FYI today feels like Friday because my husband is at work. He has tomorrow off so tomorrow will feel like Saturday instead of Sunday.

Come back tomorrow for my Sunday Confessions (in photos)!


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  1. The perfect attitude! I'll wait patiently for the end result. :)

  2. Oh my what a precious little smile!

    Thanks for your visit. :)

  3. those granny squares looks so cute! can't wait to see the blanket finished one day. and you know what? i've been watching the early Friends-episodes and making granny squares! :)